• Where are your products manufactured?

    All of our pieces are designed and hand crafted in Sydney, Australia.


  • Product Availability 

     Mill Foundry’s Bespoke pieces (eg. Reciprocity exhibition items) are available for purchase as one-off pieces and are ready to ship, however our stock items are kept in small quantities and are generally manufactured to order. Please allow for up to 2 weeks manufacturing time on stock items.

    If you require customisation or resizing of a stock item extra manufacturing time may be required and we will discuss this with you at the time of enquiry. For more information on customisation, commission or resizing, please view the pages listed in the footer of our website or email us at studio@millfoundry.com if you would like to confirm stock levels or lead times prior to purchase.


  • Commissions & Customisation

    Alongside our exhibition and stock products, Mill Foundry also offers customisation of our products and bespoke commission pieces. 

    The process for designing and creating these pieces can take a little longer, depending on the requirements, so it’s best to get in touch at studio@millfoundry.com as early as possible to discuss options and we will be able to provide you with a more accurate lead time for your piece.

    If you would like to remodel your existing jewellery or utilise your own precious metal and stones we are happy to discuss what might be possible, however please note that occasionally this might not be a viable option and we will discuss alternatives throughout the consultation process with you. Please contact us at studio@millfoundry.com to discuss your design concepts further.

    While simple sketches are provided throughout the design consultation process, if you require more technical drawings or renders as part of the design process a non-refundable flat fee of up to $150 may be required which will be deducted from the total amount owing should you proceed. For all remodeling, customisation and commission work a 50% deposit is required for manufacturing to begin, with the further 50% payment due prior to the release of the product.

    Due to the specific nature of commissions, remodeling and custom variation, the original 50% deposit may be kept if manufacturing has proceeded and no refund is available once the product has been manufactured.


  • Where do you source your materials and stones?

    All of our precious metals are sourced from Sydney based, reputable metal merchants. Our stones are supplied by a variety of trusted lapidarists and gem merchants, based primarily throughout Australia. If you have questions regarding the sourcing of materials, or would like to utilise your own metal or stones in a custom piece, please contact us at studio@millfoundry.com and we will do our best to help.


  •  Do you create custom variations or commissions?

    We are happy to try to accommodate all custom variations and commissions where possible. Please contact us at studio@millfoundry.com with your questions and ideas and we will endeavour to bring your dream piece to reality or please head to our commissions page for more detail.


  •  How do I find out my ring size?

    All ring sizing listed on Mill Foundry products is shown in Australian alphabetical sizing (the same as UK sizing).

    If you are unsure of your ring size, or you are purchasing a ring as a gift and are unsure of sizing please contact us at studio@millfoundry.com and we will walk you through some options to get an accurate size. We can also send you a Ring Multisizer at a cost of $5, which will be deducted from your total cost should you proceed with your order.


  •  Do you offer repairs and resizing?

    Currently Mill Foundry offers repairs and resizing on pieces that we have manufactured. Please note that whilst most Mill Foundry rings are able to be resized, this is not always the case and there are limitations so please check with us if you are unsure.

    If your Mill Foundry product is in need of repair or refinishing, please contact us at studio@millfoundry.com so that we can advise you of the process.


  •  Do you Rhodium plate your pieces?

    Mill Foundry prefers to manufacture our products using precious metal alloys that do not require plating, however we do offer this option if you would prefer a Rhodium finish on your White Gold pieces. As such, it must be noted that any plating will wear off over time and need to be reapplied approximately every 6-12 months, depending on use, at a cost to the customer. We are happy to provide a quote for this service via email at studio@millfoundry.com .



  •  How do I care for my Mill Foundry pieces?

    Mill Foundry considers the longevity of items during our manufacturing process, however precious metals and gemstones do wear over time. It is best, where possible, to avoid contact with chlorine, cleaning agents, sweat, water, perfumes, oils & lotions. Mill Foundry recommends removing your jewellery when undertaking activities such as gardening, swimming and heavy lifting.

    Mill Foundry recommends having your items checked every 12 months and provides a complimentary yearly check and clean for our products. If your products require more extensive repair we will contact you upon receipt of the items to advise of options and pricing. Please note that Mill Foundry does not cover the cost or responsibility of postage for this service and we recommend considering using a tracked delivery service for the delivery of your items to us.

    As a general rule, our polished precious metal items can usually be made shiny again by being rubbed with a silver polishing cloth and our scotchbrite finish products can benefit from a once over with a Scotchbrite cleaning pad in a circular motion, taking care to avoid any polished surfaces or gemstones. Whilst there are other options for cleaning your Mill Foundry items at home, please check with us first so that we can advise on which processes are most suited to your items. Some gemstones and pearls require special care to maintain. Please contact us at studio@millfoundry.com if you have any questions.


  • How can I further protect my Mill Foundry pieces?

    Have you thought about insurance to protect your jewellery?

    Q Report provides cover both inside and outside your home. You will be insured for damage, theft or even loss. It is and agreed value policy with many more features and benefits, including the ability to return to Mill Foundry as your preferred jeweller for replacement or repair.

    Learn more about protecting your jewellery with Q Report by clicking here.